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PLEASE REMEMBER: This is a friendly tournament to promote Mental Health Awareness.  We are here to honour and remember Steve Turner, for everything he did for the soccer community and for his impact on each of us.

The Referees are DONATING their time today – please be respectful of all calls, even the ones you do not agree with – again we are here for a friendly event.

Unless otherwise noted, FIFA Laws of the Game will be in effect.  These laws can be accessed on the official FIFA website.

  1.      All teams must complete the tournament registration form and sign waiver prior to first game.
  2.      All games are 40 minutes in length, with no half time break (teams change ends after 20 minutes).
  3.      There must be a minimum of four (4)/maximum of six (6) players on the field at a time. One    player shall be the designated goalkeeper. Co-ed divisions require a minimum of two (2) female players on the field at all times, not including the goalkeeper.
  4.      All players will be subject to FIFA rules regarding jewelry.
  5.      Unlimited substitution is allowed, substituting on the fly.
  6.      If the official determines that there are too many players on the field, the offending team will     be awarded a two (2) minute penalty. In the event that the opposing team scores a goal, the     penalty will be deemed served and the player allowed to be returned to play.
  8.     When the ball leaves the field of play along the sideline, a throw-in will be used to re-start    the game. When the ball leaves the field of play from the goal line on either side of the goal   posts, the re-start will be either a goal kick or a corner kick.
  9.     All free kicks are indirect – with the exception of penalty shots.
  10.     Free Kicks will be awarded when: 

          a) A player commits a foul outside the marked penalty area.

          b)  The ball strikes surrounding supports and/or structures.

  11.     Players must respect the required distance of ten (10) feet on all starts and re-starts.
  12.     Foul play in the goal area will result in a penalty kick.
  13.     A penalty kick will be taken with a keeper in net from a distance of ten (10) feet from the   goal line.
  14.     A referee’s decision is FINAL.
  15.     Fouls will result in a two (2) minute penalty – at the referee’s discretion. The timekeeper will   inform the penalized player when they can return to the field. In the event that the opposing    team scores a goal – the penalty will be deemed served and the player allowed to return to    play.  Players and coaches receiving a red card are ejected from the game and will be   suspended from all games for the remainder of the day. The offending player’s team will be   required to play “short” for a total of five (5) minutes, regardless of goals scored by the opposing team.
  16.     A team shall be awarded three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, zero (0) for a loss.
  17.     Ties will stand in all games. In the event of ties in the standings the following breakers will be used to determine which teams continue:
    a)  Goal difference
    b)  Goals for
    c)  Goals against
    d)  Head to head record
    e)  The result of the first head to head game
    f)  Coin Flip
  18.     If the final game results in a tie score at the end of regulation time, the game will be decidedby:
    a)  10 minute “sudden victory” overtime (two 5 minute halves).
    b)  Shoot out as per FIFA rules if the game is still tied after overtime.
  19.     The tournament convenor and/or referees will decide any issues not covered in the above.

Dissent by word or action will not be tolerated. Any player, coach/assistant deemed by the referee to be guilty of dissent may be penalized by any or all of the following; yellow card,   two minute penalty, ejection from the game.

All decisions will be final.